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Eddie Wilson began his handicapping career with horse racing, picnicking  from the infield at Santa Anita each Sunday afternoon with family and  friends in the mid-1970's while attending junior high school in the San Gabriel Valley, minutes away from Santa Anita race track. Already with a heavy background in sports, he could often  be seen carrying a Racing Form in his back pocket to classes and  reading the "sheets" at lunch time.  While wagering $2 show bets through his family, he graduated to win and  place wagers and then dabbled in $5 exacta boxes while mentored by an  old family friend. Two-dollar daily double plays were also a popular  wager for him.  "I guess you could say I was bitten by the bug at an early age," Wilson  says. "My father and older brother fanned the flame too and we always  had some sort of action each racing day, either through early bird or  sneaking out to the track during the day to catch the nightcap. Had I  put as much time and effort into my school work as I did reading the  Racing Form, I may be on the Supreme Court bench now."  Wilson got his start as a professional handicapper at the San Gabriel  Valley Tribune in the late 1980s and continues his handicapping today  with the SCNG newspaper group. A self-professed speed handicapper who  also relies on trip and trouble notes, Wilson was the Santa Anita Fans  Forum winner in 1991-1992, an annual contest that includes all public  handicappers. 

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12/27/18  ...  Happy Holidays Eddie! Hope to meet you someday...fyi Bought your $5 daily for opening day SA.  Hit the Race 8 Trifecta w/ Dabster/Battle of Midway/Gift Box. Love the easy access to purchase your picks. Good Luck in 2019! Ric

01/2/19 -- Thanks for releasing the $485 Pick 5. I played your $24 suggested play and scored. Next time I'm at the track I'll buy your plays again. Thank you! Big Lou

03/08/19 --  I would like to thank the whole team for the services provided.

When my subscription expires I would like to renew , so let me know when it happens. Regards , Carlos


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